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Kendal responds to collector's

frequently asked questions





The main lot cover from the Andy Griffith Last Living Day issue. A topical event cover.  $20


The Artist's Proof, a topical event variety.  $23


The main lot cover of the Greetings From       New Mexico issue.  A first day cover.  $17


  The Greetings From New Mexico

 Artist's Proof, an FDC variety.  $20


What determines the price of a Bevil cachet?

The first factor determining price is if it's a first day cover or a

topical event cachet.


What is the difference in the two?

A first day cover documents the release of a USPS stamp and  a topical event cachet

documents an event, like the Super Bowl, or the last living day of a famous person.

First day covers start at $17, and topical events start at $20.


Is the price of a cover determined by how significant the event is, or how popular the cover might be to collectors?

No.  The price of my topical event issue documenting the passing of Johnny Cash, which was hugely popular with collectors, was priced at $20, as would be every topical event issue. Price does not fluctuate based on the popularity or importance of the subject.


When is a first day cover more than $17 or a

topical event cover more than $20?

In addition to the main lot, an issue may have varieties.  These can be  artist's proofs, plate number singles, digital color pictorial cancels (DCPs), and sometimes others.


What is the price of varieties?

Add $3 to the main lot price.  An FDC variety will be $20 and a topical event variety will be $23.


Any exceptons?

Just a few. For an FDC issue I will sometimes produce about 50 DCP varieties. These are the very attractive colored digital pictorial cancels. The DCP variety is $20.  Here's the exception though; just once or twice, recently, I produced the whole main lot cancelled with the DCP. See the Owney The Postal Dog issue.  I added $1 to the main lot price making it $18. That's a rarity.


How are the unpainted covers priced?

About midway through 2013 I began making available a few covers from various issues which never got painted. From every issue I try to save a few unpainteds as backup in case for some reason I need to paint an extra cover for an issue. With so many floating around the studio, I've started posting these at the Unpainted Covers page, and collectors really like them.  They're all $10. Many collectors collect the painted and unpainted versions.



Here's the Bevil Cachets price structure-



    Main lot- $17

    Varieties- $20



    Main lot- $20

    Varieties- $23


Add $1 for the main lot cancelled with DCP




How are shipping costs determined?

Shipping is $1 per order.  This is added to your total at checkout.


Have an unanswered question? Email me and I will reply promptly. If appropriate, I'll list the question and answer for other collectors.

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