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Now that you've collected the main lot of that favorite cover, here's where you might find it's digital color pictorial, cinderella variety, artist's proofs, and more. To make it worth collecting, I always paint the varieties in a unique color scheme.


Bevil's hand-painted issues are always comprised of the main lot, along with a much smaller portion of artist's proofs, and an American First Day Cover Society cover.  In addition, but not always, an issue can have plate number singles, zip tabs, cinderella varieties, and more.  These are not released to the public for two months following painting, allowing Bevil subscribers to consider them. What remains, finds it way here.  Varieties are produced in much smaller numbers than the main lot which accounts for the elevated pricing. Not much, just a few bucks.  Check back here often.  This is a hot spot for serious Bevil collectors!

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