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To perfectly compliment your treasured Bevil first day cover, at your request I will paint an enlarged version of the ink drawing from the original issue. The artwork is painted in traditional watercolors, on 8 1/2 X 11 inch watercolor paper. These are the perfect match if you're thinking about framing your cachet for display. Interestingly, the painting style is very different from how I paint the covers. On the cachet line I utilize the airbrush, thus producing a virtually brushless surface.  With watercolors, as you can see, brushstrokes are visible and add to the painterly character of the watercolor.  When ordering, after placing your order through the checkout, email me from the contact page, requesting which issue you would like painted. Bevil subscribers can bypass the checkout process if you'd like, emailing me your request, after which you will be invoiced when you receive your watercolor.

How to collect your personal watercolor


  1. Decide on your favorite issue

  2. Pay through checkout

  3. Email Kendal, indicating your issue to be painted

  4. Your painting will be sent out within 7 days


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