President Donald J. Trump

Inauguration Cover

Excitement is building as collectors await the arrival of the Bevil

hand-painted Trump Presidential Inauguration issue back from the USPS.

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Every Trump Presidential Inauguration cover is individually hand-painted, numbered and signed by my hand, from a strictly limited edition.



Main lot cover- 175 hand-painted  $20

Cinderella Variety- 40 hand-painted $24

Artist's Proofs-  40 hand-painted $24

Unpainteds- 20 produced $10


In order to collect artist's proofs and all varieties, you must in addition collect one main lot.

This guideline is lifted 6 months following the release date. 


If you are a Bevil subscriber, you can relax, as your regular topical event slot has been reserved. This includes the cinderellas and artist's proofs.


In settling on the color scheme for the main lot, I wanted to be sure it was as dynamic and attractive as the varieties. This was a difficult portrait to ink. It took several attempts before I felt I'd captured the Donald Trump we've come to recognize in these past several months.



You Bevil collectors will notice the absence of the Artist's Proof logo. I was undecided whether to make this or the"lightening" variety the Artist's Proofs, so I held off on applying the AP logo. I'll need to insert the logo when they return from being cancelled. I'm hesitant to send them through the printer, as it's just a little rough on the envelope. My hope is to apply a micro cinderella displaying the AP logo. If I can pull it off, it should be attractive.   After cancelling, the mask is removed, creating the optical illusion of the cancel traveling behind the dome.


This was a close runner-up to being selected as the main lot. I like this color version a lot.

Sure, it conveys a message. Not a critical one, but rather is symbolic of President Trump's leadership style. I'll wish I had painted 100 of these.



A favorite among Bevil collectors. the unpainteds illustrate a Bevil issue always begins with a solid ink rendering. Much work goes into an issue long before I reach for a paint brush. If my portrait ink drawing isn't spot-on, no amount of painting will save it. I can never hope a good paint job will save a mediocre ink portrait.



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I look forward to hearing from you. You can keep up with continued developments on the Bevil Trump Inauguration issue by dropping in the IN THE STUDIO TODAY page.


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These and several others were created while searching for the color scheme for the main lot issue. Since they were passed over, they became 1-of-a-kinds, though numbered at the end of the main lot. You're limited to one, after you collect one from the main lot. I'll post the others later, maybe 8 in all.