President Donald J. Trump

Inauguration Cover

What an attractive Inauguration cover this has turned out to be! As with my topical event issues, I've produced unique Bevil cinderellas, and the Trump stamp is strong and powerful, like the President himself. The four-bar Inauguration Station cancel will clip the bottom of the stamps, and travel behind the dome of the Capitol. I utilize a cancellation technique exclusive to the Bevil line of hand-painted covers, I call the hidden, or disappearing cancel.  In addition to the 150 main lot (shown), I am painting 35 cinderella varieties, along with 35 artist's proofs. 


For those of you who are not familiar to the Bevil cover line, every cover you see on this site, including the Trump covers, is individually hand-painted, numbered and signed by my hand,

from a strictly limited edition.


Main lot cover- 150 hand-painted  $20

Cinderella Variety- 35 hand-painted $24 almost, if not already sold out

Artist's Proofs-  35 hand-painted $24 SOLD OUT!


The Trump Inauguration issue will be released to collectors by end of March.


If you are a Bevil subscriber, you can relax, as you're regular topical event slot has been reserved. This includes the cinderellas and artist's proofs.


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