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Edgar Rice Burroughs

Released to collectors May 16, 2014, along with 

                          Indy 500 100th Anniversary,  Rosa Parks,  Ray Charles,  and  Walter Cronkite














Many, if not most individuals working in the arts, will speak of discovering their talent at an early age. Yes, your humble envelope painter was drawing and painting with passion before he could spell passion. 

Not so with Edgar Burroughs. He tried his hand at being a cowboy, a gold miner, an accountant, and more. He said of his infantry days- "I chased a good many Apaches, but fortunately for me, I never caught up with any of them."  He then wrote Tarzan of the Apes at the age of 35.

   “Edgar Rice Burroughs was, and is, the

most influential writer, bar none, of our century.”


That statement was made by the famous Ray Bradbury referencing a man that, by his own admission, had failed at nearly every enterprise he tried.  Finally at the age of 35, Edgar Burroughs would find some much needed success.  As a young boy, Burroughs attended a half dozen public and private schools before he finally graduated from Michigan Military Academy, which he      described as “a polite reform school.”  He failed the entrance examination to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point so he enlisted as a private in the 7th U.S. Cavalry, thinking that if he distinguished himself in a difficult assignment then he might still obtain a commission as an officer.  He asked to be sent to the worst post in America, a request the authorities gladly and speedily granted.  The post was Fort Grant in the Arizona desert and his mission, as he liked to say, was to “chase the Apaches.”  “I chased a good many Apaches, but fortunately for me I never caught up with any of them.”  It was not long before Private Burroughs had had his fill of the chase and decided to turn to his father for help.  His father, a Civil War veteran who had much pull, arranged Burroughs’ discharge through political friends.  Some accounts say he was diagnosed with a heart problem and thus ineligible to serve and was discharged in 1897...


Read the article in its entirety in the May 2014 Bevil newsletter, which accompanies the cover.





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August 17, 2012

Tarzana, CA 91356

April 2014








Edgar Burroughs read such junk and fictional writing at its worst in the pulp fiction novels, that he realized even he could write better than that.  And he did! Read about Edgar and Tarzan in the May 2014 Bevil newsletter!


Creator and Author of Tarzan of the Apes

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