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MARCH 25, 2015

Bevil to Document

Jack Nicklaus Receiving

The Congressional Gold Medal

Jack Nicklaus is joined by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (from left), Speaker of the House John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell during a ceremony at the U.S. Capitol.

WASHINGTON D.C.  March 24, Jack Nicklaus was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest award Congress can bestow on civilians.  With friends and family present, including 22 grandchildren, Arnold Palmer, and countless others from the golf industry, Nicklaus became a member of a hallowed collection of greats, including George Washington, Robert Frost, Winston Churchill and Walt Disney.


Nicklaus is just the seventh athlete to be given this honor, and the third golfer. Roberto Clemente, Joe Louis, Byron Nelson, Jesse Owens, Arnold Palmer, and Jackie Robinson have all been awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.


"Thank you, Jack, for being the most prolific winner in the history of the greatest sport of all time," CBS Sports announcer Jim Nantz said during the ceremony, "and for showing us what it looks like when one dedicates a lifetime to service to others and a lifetime to devotion to family. You've let us all see it right up close."


Nicklaus took the stage last, after being awarded the medal from Speaker John Boehner. Among other things, he touched on his worldwide competitive record, his work with the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and the role his wife Barbara played in all of his success.

I'm looking forward to capturing this great sports event on a Bevil topical event cachet.  I'm undecided on how to illustrate Nicklaus- in a golfing moment, or as an individual receiving the award.  Maybe I can work in both.  It seems appropriate to capture an image of this event.  So I might produce a large portrait of him in his suit and tie at the event, and drop in a few action shots of his golf days.  He has a very distinct look regarding his facial features, making hime an enjoyable subject to paint.

One element which contributes to the visual recipe of my topical event cachets is the artistamps I produce.  When I locate an image I'd love to see on my cachet, but haven't the room to ink it in, I can make an artistamp and get it on the cover that way.  The issue will be cancelled in Washington D.C., dated March 24.  I'll be painting 35 artist's proofs, along with the AFDCS 1-of-1.

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