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Ron Aljoe Close to Compiling Complete Bevil Sports Library

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS-- When I heard Ron Aljoe had embarked on building a complete library of the Bevil sports issues, I wanted to say, "What's the big deal, that shouldn't take too long."  Okay, there's maybe 30 issues on the Bevil sports list, and I'm guessing a few dozen others out there I've painted through the years.  Yes, I'll admit a few have probably slipped my mind. A handful maybe, and in a phone call or two he can hunt them down.  To my surprise, and Ron's as well, the trip has lasted much longer than we both expected.  Together let's sit down with Ron, an avid Bevil collector, as he revisits the hurdles and challenges in his attempt at gathering every sports-related issue I've painted.

Ron, what made you come up with the idea of building a complete Bevil       

sports collection?


Well, I have always loved, played and followed all forms of sports. Secondly, it fit my cover collecting and I could focus and learn more about what I like. Of course, the beautiful designed sports covers just set it all in motion. As I started to get into this specific sector of cover collecting I started to identify that a few other respected collectors felt the same way, especially the Bevil collectors. Therefore, this became a challenge to me to show my fellow collectors that I could collect the entire Bevil Sports Line. Surprise after surprise thereafter.


Did you have any idea at the time how big the project was going to be?


Actually, I started to think about this in 2004 when I was working with fellow collectors such as Fred Sawyer, Dave Fletcher, and some contact with Hank Mezzack, of which have their own legacy. I dragged my feet placing this high on my list to do with my entire cover collection with Bevil. I just was too busy with business and personal matters. However, I never really stopped, just continued to communicate with these men and a few others trying to put a list together and collect what at least Sawyer & Fletcher had. I thought that I would have this finished rather quickly until I began to communicate with you , then Hank Mezzack and three other collectors that concentrate on Bevil covers. In 2011, I started to get very serious because the Sports Line kept growing every telephone call I made. No one collector of Bevil Sports covers ever had the entire list. Then I lost three of the collectors due to their passing. So I just felt I would do what was necessary to secure every cover related to the sports line. We are well over 150 covers now and more to find.


Of all the issues you've sought out and secured, which issues were the most difficult to obtain? 


Just locating the person was the most difficult, and then that collector did not want to release any.  That is why it has taken years to get where we are now. Things have moved faster the last 3 years.  Thank God for Hank Mezzack and my money.

The closer we got to this collection being complete ( the now phase) it will be even tougher; I refer to the NBHOF induction series and the use of the NBHOF cancellation for special issues.  The Ted Williams Museum has been very difficult , still need one # 10 Ted Williams Feb 9 - 11 , 95( Hitters Hall of Fame) 400 issued .


How about the work to secure the Notre Dame set of 10 from a retired Postmaster Dean McCool and the trouble to open a safe that hard to get to.


How about all the collectors who knew everything but really did not and led me down the wrong path.


Oh! Thank God for your deep interest in this project , whoops and Janice.

Finally , when I really have the time ( when complete) there is a number of stories to tell.


I knew the tough ones to locate would be issues that were originally collected by non-cover collectors, rather collectors at sporting events. The covers disappear into the sports world, never to reappear in our circuit of collectors, being cover collectors.  That's the Baseball Hall of Fame issues, the Notre Dame issues, Ted Williams Hitter's Hall of Fame issues, and a few others. Here's the rarest Bevil issue in existence-












I'm relieved to learn you recently acquired this cover for your library.  We refer to it as the "Kominsky Ryan."  How did you locate and get your hands on one?


Just about any time I talk to a sports collector I would review and ask questions. Probably did this a half dozen times. Finally, Hank Mezzack had ONE and for a year and a half would not part with it until I told him I really needed it. He finally released it. Lucky - Lucky.


For the collectors reading this interview and are willing to help out with your endeavor, what Bevil sports covers are you in search of?  


We are hunting for the remaining #10 covers all made for the National Baseball Hall Of Fame listed as follows:

Brooklyn Dodgers 1995 World Series dated 10/4/2005

NBHOF Induction day 7/26/98 

NBHOF Induction Day 7/25/99

NBHOF Batting 2000. 60 years issued 12/31/99

NBHOF Induction day 7/23/2000

NBHOF Induction day 8/5/2001

NBHOF Induction day 7/30/2006

Carl Yastrzemski elected NBHOF  FDOI 6/27/2001

This now appears to be the only remaining covers needed for the Bevil Sports Line.  There was some talk about a #6 cover for Ralph Palmario 1992 baseball that was produced? We certainly will pay for the covers.


While you are set on having in your collection, one of every Bevil sports issue I have painted and produced, in addition to that accomplishment, a great benefit to all Bevil collectors will be the clarity and up-to-date accurate documentation of my sports covers.  When all this complete, your library will be posted online for all of us to refer to for years to come. 


Ron, I along with all the Bevil collectors, we thank you for your work.

We're all looking forward to seeing your efforts come to completion, and

I know it's going to be a great collection, with all those issues finally gathered together in one spot.  Thanks.








Janice and I had an enjoyable time visiting with our good friend and Bevil collector Ron Aljoe at the recent TEXPEX show in Grapevine, Texas.

MARCH 30, 2015












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