Held in Grapevine, Texas, Kendal and Janice attended TEXPEX 2015, participating in the dealer's bourse, having a great time with the dealers and Bevil collectors.

You're looking at some of the top dogs on the first day cover porch!  From left to right, Ricky with ESPER, Chris Lazaroff, Richard with ESPER, cover dealer Doug Weisz, and myself.  Janice and I met all the great people of ESPER at the Southeastern Stamp Expo in Atlanta last month.  Chris emceed the first day ceremony this weekend.  He's participated in several hundred ceremonies, and his wife Denise has a very impressive 3D cover line. 

Doug Weisz has an attractive website, you can visit here.  .

It was a great surprise to have Sharon Pugh and her daughter Shawnna drop in and see us!  Shawnna, an up-and-coming cover painter, was scheduled to speak at the Chapter 56 meeting, but the iced-up roads cancelled her talk...maybe next year. 

I am painting covers today because of Julian and Sharon's kindness,

introducing me to the fun world of cover painting.


After years of conversing by phone, emails, and website, finally here at TEXPEX, I'm afforded the pleasure of visiting in person with my good friend, Bob McDermott. Over the years he's become one of my most loyal Bevil collectors.  He and all the guys with the Fred Sawyer Chapter 56 Club are the primary reason Janice and I wanted to attend TEXPEX.  The collector behind us, a nice guy.

Tom Koch, one of the founding members of TEXPEX, is presenting to me an interesting medallion spotlighting the Vietnam War- that departing moment on the rooftop of the hotel as U.S. Forces got the heck out.  An interesting individual whom I look forward to knowing better.

Chapter 56 member and Bevil subscriber, Ron Aljoe, is building a complete Bevil sports library- every sports issue I've painted, including H & M, Frank Bolognese, National Baseball Hall of Fame, Notre Dame, and many more.  When complete, the library will be posted permanently on this website.  The gentleman behind me is Scott Murphy, whom Janice had a special time sitting and talking with while I visited with Ron.  Scott is President of Professional Stamp Experts located in Santa Ana, California.  When Scott's wife, Marina, stepped into the booth, the sunshine meter went up 10 points!  Only wish we'd gotten a photo of them.

Friend and longtime Bevil collector, Louis Dean, is encouraging me to cancel my topical event issue, documenting the passing of Leonard Nimoy "Spock" in

a unique city here in Texas...more on that project later.

We enjoyed Louis this weekend.