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Carter says,

 Kendal when you send out the Trump covers, pls send me two additional to my normal order thanks. cgd


Kendal replies,

Will do Carter. I'll make sure, if you'd like, the skies will all be different.


Steve says,

The Capitol is most appropriate for the Trump and future inauguration covers as the oath of office is always at the Capitol.


Kendal replies,

Well, there's now two sides to this coin. Some are opting for the Whitehouse on the inauguration cover, because the President lives and does much business there. Others, like Steve, are siding with the Capitol, because that is where the ceremony is held. I'm glad I have 4 years to think this one over. If you'll look at the Obama cover to the left, you'll see I utilized both.


Trevor says,

Love the Trump cover design. I'd like to claim one right now. I'll be ordering one of those and one of the Pearl Harbor issues as well, please. Thanks!!


Kendal replies,

Thanks Trevor.

Double thanks! Congrats on acquiring your cover dealer's status.


Ron says,

Just a quick note. Welcome back. The pictorial cancel for Pearl Harbor Day looks great. The problem is we do not have many more veterans left from that event. I notice this when I helped at the Lewisville Senior Center on that day with a luncheon. You help by what you do " remember it".


Kendal replies,

We arrived at Pearl Harbor last December just a few days after the big 75th anniversary ceremony. On the WWII 100th anniversary, sadly, they will all have left us.


Carter says,

Kendal, a minor point on the Trump cover...... Although the Capital Bldg is certainly representative off our govt, it is primarily housed by the Congress, while most of the President's business is conducted at the White House.


Kendal replies,

Excellent point Carter. Looking back on past inauguration issues, I now realize i always reached for the capitol building. My next inauguration cover will defenitely show the Whitehouse.

Thanks for the




Ron says,

There is no decision to make. The Bud horses belong in St. Louis Missouri where the large Bud plant is. Was the home of Budweiser beer until sold.


Kendal replies,

Well good Ron. You saved me the time of delving into the history and roles of the two states, and having to choose which state would be best for the Clydesdales. Thanks. 


Curt says,

 I was originally going to guess that you had the wrong eye squinting (opposite of the Cinderella). I saw someone else guessed something similar - not to mention that I don't think that would be an easy fix. I'm going to go with the Boutonniere hole on the wrong side. Thanks for the chance, Curt


Kendal replies,

That's it Curt! The boutonniere is on the wrong side.

One color study of your choice for you!


Frank says,

The way you have his hair flowing over the right ear seems a little strange.


Kendal replies,

Well, I might need to revisit his hair. Although if I portray Trump's hair exactly the way it really is, I think it's still going to be a little strange. Not the answer I'm looking for. Thanks for dropping in Frank.


Monica says,

Trump's hair is too dark.


Kendal replies,

Again, not the answer I'm looking for. You're correct in noticing his hair's too dark. It'd look a bit more like him if it was light. When I paint the covers individually, I'll be lightening it up.


Carter says,

Problem w/Trump,s left eye almost closed??????


Kendal replies,

No. That's not the answer I'm looking for.  It does look a bit odd though. Maybe I'll open in up just a tad. Good to hear from you Carter.


Kendal replies,

That's correct Clarence. Congrats on winning the cover. I'll sign it over to you as a studio proof and drop it in the mail in the next few days.



Clarence says,

Its so great to see you back in the saddle again. I've been checking your "In the Studio Today" at least twice a week looking for updates. I know you have been dedicated to your youth ministry. I've been receiving some positive comments about the ESPER website. Everyone loves the banner you created. Your banner design gave me insight and ideas on designing our webpages. Thanks again for your creative design. I did a special page for the 75th Anniversary for Pearl Harbor. It included a couple of Pearl Harbor stamps and one of Pearl Harbor heros stamp of Doris Miller. Are you planning on creating cachets for any stamps issued in 2016? Or will you continue catching up on other pass issuers? Will you have a booth at the Southeasten Stamp Expo in Atlanta, Ga at the end of this month? ESPER, will have a booth again at this event. Welcome back Kendal!

Kendal replies,

The Atlanta Expo show might rank as my favorite show I' ve attended. It was because of all the new friends we met.

Can't attend this year. My loss. Still reviewing what stamps to focus on. So many great issues out there right now. Your website is looking great!


Mark says,

Yeah! Welcome back. As a snow storm approaches tonight, I was organizing some of my FDC albums. I was contemplating whether I needed to save a space for some Bevil cachets. Consider space saved! Looking forward to your production starting back up. Bet there are some great issues in the queue just waiting for your magic touch! 2017 is going to be great!

Kendal replies,

Thanks for saving me a spot in your albums Mark! Hope your winter won't be too rough on you up there. Be careful in all that snow. I'm also looking forward to some exciting issues in this upcoming new year.


Daryl says,

I agree with Janice, whatever it takes for you to get in there and paint. Don't let all these great issues get passed you. Everytime I see a stamp I like, I'm thinking what a good looking Bevil cover it'd make.

Kendal replies,

Yes, there's some great stamp issues out there just waiting to be put on a Bevil cover. I'm ready. Let's paint!


Bart says,

Get in the studio, pick up the brush, airbrush, or whatever it is you use, and start painting cachets. We miss the best envelope painter in the country.

Kendal replies,

I'm on it Bart! Excited to be back!































































































Collector Ron Aljoe says there's no question about it, that Missouri is the state for the Clydesdales. That was an easy decision. Ron called it, and I'm going with it. I think I'll be painting these with a red and white color scheme.

I'm still preparing to paint my first Trump cachet. One hasn't rolled off the easel yet, and I'm a little excited to see how it's going to turn out. I was very pleased with the Obama inauguration issues and hope these are as attractive. Though I will say the two issues couldn't be any more different in their design. I'll post some Obama's after I post the painted Trump inauguration cover, and we'll compare the two. 




I have been given the honor of officiating my sister-in-law's wedding in Hawaii this upcoming week. She's marrying a pretty sharp guy, Phil, a colonel in the U.S. Army. Janice and I are flying out of Houston early Monday morning, touching down 8 hours later in Honolulu.  I'll not be posting before Monday, February 13, so enjoy your week and I look forward to visiting with all of you on my return. While I'm there I'll be sure to stop in the local convenience store and enjoy a Hawaiian specialty- some spam-usabi.




Janice and I have just returned from Hawaii, participating in Janice's sister's wedding in Honolulu. We stayed with her on Hickam Army Base and at the end of the week stayed at Hali Koa, a resort for retired military, on the beach in Honolulu. It's an honor to have Phil as my new brother-in-law.

And speaking of Honolulu, I just received these Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary topical event covers on my doorstep today, cancelled in Honolulu. I really like this pictorial, and as you can see, it couldn't fit any better. The oversized cinderella is mine, produced here in the studio. I flipped through the bunch and the USPS folks nailed it.  I'll take you through the inking process when I get started. 

Here's where the painting process begins. One unpainted cover positioned in the center of the easel, which holds 49 covers. I'll paint 3, maybe 4 trials, all in different color schemes. I'll then choose one as the main lot, and place the others at the end of the main lot, numbering them 148/150, 149/150, etc. Those will be called color studies. The black slots at the top are vents which take in the airbrush overspray, channeling it through a vent system. If I complete the cover tonight, I'll post it, though I probably won't make it.

Happy Valentine's Day!




You're looking at one of a few color studies for the main lot. I haven't quiet decided on which to go with yet. In addition to the main lot, I'll have the cinderella varieties and the artist's proofs. These will all be painted, about 200 covers, before they are sent off to be cancelled. The Inauguration 4-bar will fit snugly in place, traveling behind the capitol dome. All the elements; the two stamps, artwork, typography, and the cancel, makes for a very tight fit. This took considerable planning and careful printing. This will be the first disappearing cancel I've produced in several years. More on that element at a later date. I'll be painting these this week. Give me your thoughts on the cover. Not the man, just the cover. Well, you can share what you'd like.

I'll just keep it to myself.







The Obama Inauguration artist's proofs just sold out a few minutes ago. I'm excited when an issue sells out, in that, it clearly indicates the issue was popular and well-liked by the FDC community. At the same time, it's gone. And I'm always a little disapointed and sad to see an issue come to an end. The artist's proof version of Obama issue was really attractive. Maybe my best inauguration design yet. Now a new kid is on the block, and oh my.

I realize many collected the Obama issue because he was the first black president. I'm already getting a very strong response to the President Trump issue. I'm running an ad in the AFDCS Journal with the Trump cover in the next month or so. I now expect a to see a lot of activity from it.




This 1/2 page ad will run in the soonest available AFDCS Journal.  

Mark Thompson quietly puts in many hours pulling all the advertising together every issue. I normally run a 1/4 page ad, but I'm getting this feeling the Bevil Trump Inauguration issue is going to be heavily collected.  




I'm considering launching a new line of first day covers, in a postcard format. This will be in addition to my present hand painted line. It will be a full-color printed cover, using my artwork painted for the line. This image is my first piece painted on my computer, called a digital painting. I'll soon be acquiring a digital easel and painting software, both of which I've never used. Cost per cover will fall in the $10-$12 range. This will be an oversized postcard, with a write-up on the reverse side. Again, these will not be hand-painted, but from my paintings I'll generate here in the studio. They will be a limited edition, numbered and signed. I need your suggestions and advice on postcard size.