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​Collector's Pride and Joy

​CLAIRE LEE CHENNAULT descriptive tab

Courtesy of Curt Vincent- Bevil Subscriber #14

I've been collecting Bevil covers for a relatively short period of time- 5 years.  But during this time I've been able to collect almost the entire series. Ebay has been a great source for me. I found this Chennault descriptive tab, 4 of 4, on Ebay in June 2012. I did pay a little more than I should have, but isn't that always the case with that special cover.

I can't imagine a better cover to start off this library with than the Claire Chennault decriptive tab I painted in September 1990.  When I began my wonderfully exciting adventure of painting first day covers, I had no idea what an FDC cover was, let alone a descriptive tab, a zip tab, or a plate number single. I've learned much since then, with the majority of it taught by mentor and friend Julian Pugh.

We'd all like to know what Bevil cover you're most proud of.

Between 50 and 100 words, describe your favorite cachet in your Bevil collection.

Attach a scanned image of your cachet or mail your cachet to Kendal.


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