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I produced this issue exclusively for Hank Mezzack of H and M Covers, possibly in 2013. The "50 YEARS" stamp is a cinderella printed and perforated here in Bevil Studio. Not only is this a 1 of 1, the actual issue has probably not been viewed by many Bevil collectors.

In addition to being a Chapter 56 1 of 1,

this is the only Bevil issue in which the #6 envelope was originally produced by the USPS as a #10. If my memory serves me correctly, either Gil Celli or Lee Kaufman converted these Space Station #10s into #6s. I found this in a very deep, obscure location here in the studio.

Now here's an oddity. I can't imagine why a PNS would not have been utilized when I released the issue. Sometimes a single cover would be misplaced or get filed in the wrong place. When I go to number my varieties of an issue, I first count how many I have. If I have 20, I'll then number each one 1/20, 2/20, etc. If I later locate an extra PNS, I can't add it in. That'd make the total 21. So I sigh, and cast it aside. I believe the main lot was a red rose. 

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